Xihui Liu

Xihui Liu 

PhD Student,
Multimedia Lab (MMLab),
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

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About me

I am currently a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate in Multimedia Lab (MMLab), the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I am supervised by Prof. Xiaogang Wang and Prof. Hongsheng Li. I received bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering in Tsinghua University (THU) in 2017. My current research interests are image/video synthesis and editing with generative adversarial networks. I also did research in language and vision. I was awarded Adobe Research Fellowship 2020.


  • One paper accepted by ECCV 2020.

  • I am awarded Adobe Research Fellowship 2020.

  • One paper accepted by NeurIPS 2019.

  • One paper accepted by ICCV 2019.

  • One paper accepted by CVPR 2019.

  • Two papers accepted by ECCV 2018.

Working Experience


Academic Services

Reviewer of the following conferences and journals:

  • Outstanding Reviewer for CVPR 2019.


  • IJCV, TCSVT, NeuroComputing, TMM.

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant of the following courses in The Chinese University of Hong Kong:

  • ELEG 5491, Introduction to Deep Learning [Course website], Spring 2019.

  • ENGG 5202, Pattern Recognition, Fall 2017, Spring 2020.

  • ELEG 5760, Machine Learning for Signal Processing Applications, Fall 2018.

  • ENGG 2450A, Probability and Statistics for Engineers, Spring 2018, Fall 2020.

  • Summer Tutorial, Potential Inspiration in Electronic Engineering, Summer 2018.

  • ENGG 2420B, Complex Analyis and Differential Equations for Engineers, Fall 2019.